About the CFTC

On January 12, 2007, heads of federal administrative tribunals agreed to form a new entity under the name Heads of Federal Administrative Tribunals Forum (HFATF). The Forum has since been re-named the Council of Federal Tribunal Chairs (CFTC). The CFTC is the only committee exclusively constituted of federal administrative tribunals and responds to the interest voiced by many tribunals on the need to maintain a tribunal-only forum to provide a setting for dialogue, learning and networking amongst federal tribunals.


The Council of Federal Tribunal Chairs:

  • facilitates networking, discussion of issues of common interest, and the sharing of best practices;
  • issues statements and guidance on governance and administrative matters;
  • works to raise awareness of the roles and nature of independent tribunals in the federal government;
  • serves as a common voice for tribunals on broad Government of Canada initiatives that affect them; and
  • arranges training and learning opportunities for federal tribunal Chairs and, as appropriate, members.



  • The Chair serves for two calendar years.


  • The Vice-Chair serves for two calendar years.
  • The Vice-Chair takes over as Chair at the end of his/her term.
  • The Vice-Chair role rotates amongst interested members.


  • Heads of participating tribunals.

Participation at Meetings

  • Attendees are the Chairs or, if they are unavailable for a particular meeting, the chair's designate within a member organization.


  • The Chair is responsible for calling a minimum of three to four meetings per year.


  • Members will be consulted on possible agenda topics.
  • The final version of the agenda and any support material will be distributed one week before meetings.

Summary of the Meeting

  • The Chair will be responsible for providing a Record of Decision from each meeting, which will be distributed in draft to all attendees for feedback before being finalized.

Official Languages

  • Meeting agendas and supporting material will be provided in both English and French and participants will be welcome to speak in the official language of their choice.

Secretariat Support

  • The Chair will be responsible for providing secretariat support, including planning and hosting meetings.
  • The members will cover their own expenses for participating in meetings and any other CFTC activities.
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