The following is a list of current CFTC members, along with links to the member tribunals' decisions or case pages.

Organizations that are interested in becoming members are invited to contact the Chair of the CFTC.

Membership eligibility

Any organization that expresses an interest in becoming a member will be considered using the attached list of non-exhaustive factors as a guide.

Criteria for identifying an administrative tribunal:

  • Some or all members are Governor in Council appointed
  • The tribunal is independent in the conduct of its functions
  • It performs a decision-making function (which may mean making binding decisions or issuing reports or recommendations)
  • It is an expert tribunal in a specialized area of law or policy
  • It handles disputes/issues as identified by the legislation, which could mean disputes where the government is a party or between private parties
  • It is bound by the rules of natural justice
  • It is master of its own procedure (and empowered to make its own rules of procedure)
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